Are your feet wet yet?

A blue ribbon means you’re standing in a spot directly threatened by sea level rise due to climate change.


Each ribbon (placed at eye level) marks a spot which will flood at high tides with just 6ft or less of sea level rise. Conservative projections indicate that 6 feet of sea level rise will occur before 2100, but you may be standing in a spot vulnerable well before then.

We seek:

  1. To bring the future of sea level rise into the visual here and now.

  2. To show this threat of climate change to our beloved home.

  3. To galvanize each of us and our politicians into action in order to mitigate and prevent yet worse effects of climate change.

You can help:

  • Take photos of yourself with High Tide Here ribbons. Post the photos to Instagram and/or Facebook. Or send the photos to so that we can post hem. Make sure to tag each post with #hightidehere. Follow #hightidehere on Instagram.

  • Join our community actions. Create and tie up High Tide Here blue ribbons with us. Check out or the High Tide Here facebook page to learn about upcoming organizing events and actions.


Imagine Portland without Baxter Boulevard. Or the Old Port without Commercial Street. Imagine Bayside as just… a bay. Check out the the interactive map on this web page to see other places you know and love up and down the Maine coast, submerged under rising seas. Unless…



Map of Portland with 6 feet Sea Level Rise

Click on map below for interactive version of the Risk Zone Map.


​Quick facts:


  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a U.S. governmental agency, now estimates that climate change will result in a Global Mean Sea Level rise of anywhere from 1 to 8 feet by 2100. 1 Both the lower and upper end of this range are significant increases from previous estimates.

  • Sea level rise is already accelerating because polar ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica are melting faster. In particular, the rate of sea level rise has increased from about 0.1 inch per year in the ‘90s to about 0.13 inches per year today.

  • The Maine Coast is particularly vulnerable to sea level rise. Flood events in Portland have already increased from an average of 2.6 times per year to 8.5 times per year, and the best available data suggest a tenfold increase in the frequency of flooding with just one foot of sea level rise. Six feet of rise suggests a thousand-fold increase.


Our methodology:

For the High Tide Here project, we have taken the Intermediate-High scenario from the NOAA report, along with region-specific factors for the U.S. Northeast Coast, and arrived at an approximate 2-foot Sea Level Rise by 2050 and 6-foot rise by 2100. High Tide Here is a group of ordinary Mainers who are deeply concerned about climate change. Seeing is believing, and we hope that coming upon a blue ribbon marking the future high tide line around your favorite trail, tree, or store will inspire you more than reading about climate change in the newspaper or hearing about it on the radio. These trees, these trails, these places we love… they are worth fighting for.

High Tide Here aims to light a spark of inspiration and action under Mainers by dramatizing the impacts of human-driven sea level rise along the coast of Maine. From Kittery to Calais, it's time to act.

Unless… we take bold action to slow climate change.
  • For starters, how about Maine goes carbon free. Sound like a pipedream? It’s not. California is on the cusp of passing a landmark law to have a carbon-free electrical grid by 2045. Let’s join them! Start spreading the word with your State House Reps and Senators. A start would be getting serious about the Maine Climate Action Plan. Did you know Maine even has a Climate Action Plan? Neither did we! Maybe because it’s been mostly ignored since it was first passed in 2004. In the current election season, we’re asking all state legislative and gubernatorial candidates to commit to updating the Maine Climate Action Plan and working towards a carbon-free Maine.

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