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By tying up blue fabric up to the 6ft Sea Level Rise line in vulnerable areas, we visual the future of sea level rise and disruptive storm surges. We aim to show this future along our streets and in our neighborhoods today, so that we can spur the preventative and mitigating actions we need for tomorrow. 

Tips for a High Tide Here Action

  • Organize and act as a group. Coordinate with us.

  • Act in Love. Act non-violently and with respect and love for all people.

  • Host a blue fabric strip-making party before your action.

    • Collect any hues and shades of blue fabric. We recommend screen-printing with white paint on dark blue fabrics and with black paint on light blue fabrics.

    • Collaborate with a person with the supplies to screen-print fabric. Use this pdf of the High Tide Here logo to make the screen.

    • Make strips 8 inches wide to accommodate the large logo. Cut a variety of lengths. Make them long (4-6ft+) to tie around large trees. Plan to tie the fabric up, or to use other non-damaging methods of attachment.

    • Print the fabric together. Have fun!

  • Act. Tie up the strips in areas vulnerable to Sea Level Rise.​

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